Cutthroat is now available for pre-order!

My latest novella and the season three closer to the Adamanta series, Cutthroat, is now available for pre-order! When a Beltine mining facility is found in the midst of an asteroid field, the Lady Contessa and her crew are tasked with destroying it. But they’re beat to the punch by an industrialist and a weapons designer intent on studying the Beltine. What should have been a chance for humankind to give the Beltine a black eye instead turns into a brutal rescue mission as something new and malevolent is unleashed in the mining facility, something even the Beltine are terrified of.

Pre-order your copy here for just $1.99! And if you haven’t, check out the rest of the series. The first episode is free, so hey, you’re not out anything by giving it a look.

Adamanta: Trident now up for pre-order!

You can pre-order my newest Adamanta novella here on Amazon. Titled Trident, it follows the crew of the Lady Contessa as they help lead a desperate defense in space of an FTL shipping route against an incursion of the bug-like Beltine. Featuring a huge space battle and dire stakes for humans and their alien allies, Trident is pure fast-paced action and closes out the second season of Adamanta with a bang.

If you haven’t tried the Adamanta series yet, there’s a nifty first season omnibus here that will get you started. It’s a terrifically fun space opera series with a strong female protagonist and a fun, eclectic cast of side characters. Give it a shot!