Excision progress report

Hey folks! Sorry the website’s been a bit dead. For a few months there, it felt like I was always hitting the ground running with the business end of this thing. Now that all four of the first Rankin Flats novels are out on paperback, I’ve been able to breathe, settle in, and do some serious writing the last couple of weeks.

Excision, the first in my post-post-apocalyptic series Animus, is shaping up nicely. This is a much larger novel than anything I’ve done before, both in terms of scope and the sheer size of the sucker. If you were comparing novels, I’m at probably the halfway point of For All the Sins of Man, but I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of what the book is actually about.

Since this series is going to be one-offs told within the same universe, it means I have a lot of world-building and storytelling to do. With the Rankin Flats stuff, I can usually get away with a little foreshadowing of future events, but in this one, everything needs to be compacted within one story, and that’s going to create some bloat.

Hopefully, though, I won’t be keeping you waiting too much longer. I’d originally planned or a late March release, but that’s now looking more like maybe late April. regardless, I hope to get it in your hands this spring. Can’t wait to introduce you to Needle, Josiah, Veronique, Lilia, Seline, and Abel. They’re a weird bunch, but a whole lot of fun to write about.

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